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Shenzhen Lanstar Technology Co.,Ltd

Products >> Agricultural solar fencing energiser

Agricultural solar fencing energiser

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Product Name: Agricultural solar fencing energiser
Supply Ability: 10000 pcs per year
Specifications 2 Joules 12KV 20KM solar powered
Price Term: EXW
Port of loading:
Minimum Order 10
Unit Price: USD95
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1. Introduction
The LX-2008 (house and community electric fence) is popular at home and abroad and the
market potential increased sharply. To meet the special need in the poultry, farm, vegetable and
fruit, and flower industry, we design and unveil a new product: LX-polar.
This product performs stably, could be used to provide security service for long term and be
applied to various areas. No matter whether you are the owner of poultry or forest, whether you
are running vegetable, fruit garden or cultivating flower, the lx-polar is a perfect option.
In the future, we do believe our products will be the first choice when it comes to buying
perimeter security products.

2. Features:
1. Lcd shows the pulse voltage;
2. Led shows voltage and status of battery;
3. 1.5 s and 2.5 s interval pulse are available.
4. automatic switch between day mode and night mode;
5. powered by lead-acid battery, 12V DC and solar panel;

3. Principle of operation:
Lx-polar is an electric fence energizer for farm industry-- a new perimeter security product
designed by Lanstar. The energizer generates an electric pulse, which travels along the wire fixed
on the bar. At the same time, the energizer links with earth. Therefore, when animal, inside or
outside, touches the wire, an electric circuit forms and the animal will be shocked by the pulse and
keep away with wire. As a result, the animal within zone is protected and the ones outside the zone
will be kept away.
Lx-polar is easy to install and use, and could protect the animals or plants inside the zone
effectively. Compared with traditional wood bar or fence, Lx-polar system could provide better
and more stable protection service with much low cost.

4.Applied areas:
Vegetable and fruit planting center£»
Flower garden;

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